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How to sell junk cars for cash?

Come and sell your car to us and receive cash upto , $100K

Who gives the most cash for junk cars?

Selling your car online has never been easier than it is now thanks to Junk Cars For Cash. Our service allows you to sell your car without having to worry about finding a buyer or dealing with paperwork. Simply fill out our simple form and submit it to us. Once we receive your information, we’ll contact you to arrange payment details. You can expect to get paid within 24 hours of submitting your request.

If you are unsure about the cash offers of some junk car buyers, check out what the used car market’s Canadian Black Book

If you consider the car junk, however, you can safely assume it’s in the hundreds of dollars, not thousands anymore.

What’s my car worth? Find out now!

How much does junk cars for cash pay?

Cash For Cars Is What We Do

You’ll be instantly connected with one of our vehicle purchasing agents. They’ll walk you through the whole process. We just need you to answer a few simple questions about your car so we can make you an accurate offer. 

We’re obsessed with staying up to date on current market prices for vehicles, so you know you’ll be getting a competitive offer. Not a fan of phone calls? No sweat! Just fill out the form on this page, and we’ll connect with you via email. Our goal is truly to make this process as easy as possible for our customers.


Our quotes are free, and zero obligation, but we know you’ll accept it! We understand that the decision to sell your car can be a tough one, so take as long as you need to make up your mind. But, the sooner you accept our offer, the sooner you’ll get the cash for your car! As soon as you accept our offer, we’ll connect you to your closest Cash For Cars Vancouver location. We have a cash for cars service all over BC, there’s bound to be one right in your location. They’ll be the ones who set up your free towing appointment. That’s right, we’ll even tow away your vehicle, for free! No matter where your car is; at home, at the office, even at a body shop, we’ll haul it away for you. 

At your scheduled towing appointment, the driver will greet you with a smile, and with a check for your guaranteed offer. Can’t be there in person to accept the check? We can mail it to the address of your choice, just let us know when you schedule your appointment. We’ll take care of all the other paperwork and details from there. We know you have more important things to worry about, like getting to the bank to cash that check! We know that selling a car on your own can be tough. 

Got a questions?

Ready to sell your car? Call 604-340-4013 or click the button below. Then you accept the offer, schedule a pickup, and get paid. Face, safe and easy.

$500 Cash For Junk Cars – Can I Receive More?

The answer is YES! When we arrive at your vehicle we have the professional staff will get right to work appraising your vehicle. If the deal is worth more than $500 cash we will offer it to you!

Then we will do all the paperwork, plate removal, and pay you right on the spot! Most of our transactions take less than 20 minutes. 

Private owners, new & used car dealers, leasing companies, and wholesalers all come to Cash For Cars Vancouver for consistent reliability, professional service, and good prices.

Where Can I sell My Junk Car For Cash?

You Can stop right now and call us, We want your junk car. At Cash For Cars Vancouver we can be your one stop shop. 

The problem is that junk car values are regional. It depends on the demand for scrap cars in your city and province. Scrap yards are only interested in the raw materials your car contains, whether it’s the steel, aluminum, catalytic converters, or other valuable metals. They pay by weight. 

Nailing down an exact value ahead of time isn’t what you should expect. Rather, determine how much your car weighs altogether, then call local scrap yards to get their current rate per pound on complete cars. 

For most vehicles in Canada, you can expect between $100 and $600 for a scrap car. 

How to Junk a Car for the Most Money

It’s possible to get paid more for your car than the typical per-pound rate if major components are still in good working order. If the engine still runs, the transmission shifts, and the car drives under its own power, you might be able to collect more cash for your scrap or junk car. 

To get the best offers for your scrap car, you’ll want to look for a scrap yard that sells used parts. Then, make sure your car works as well as possible—charge the battery, inflate the tires, etc.

You may need to negotiate with the junk yard for a higher offer on your car, pointing out the parts that boost its value. It might only be a couple of hundred dollars extra, so don’t invest money into your car with the intent to increase its value

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