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Are you now looking at that old car as a big dollar sign rather than just a hunk of junk? Once you contact us to inquire about junk car removal, we will arrive at your property at a time that is best for your schedule. In most cases, we’re available for same-day service, so you could collect your cash and eliminate the eyesore from your lawn immediately.

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We hand out cash for junk cars day after day and have earned a reputation as the most reliable Vancouver junk car removal service. It doesn’t matter whether the car runs or how long you have owned the vehicle. What matters is that you give us a call and collect your cash today.

Selling a Damaged Car for Salvage

The key to financial freedom is taking advantage of all opportunities to profit, however unlikely they may seem. A severely damaged car buyer may not seem like a gold mine, but it will indeed be valuable if you salvage it. Obtaining a salvage title makes selling a wrecked car for a good price much easier. What’s the process of how to salvage a car, though?

In most states, the vehicle owner can retain the salvage, which means, you can keep your wrecked car and sell it on your own. Your insurance company may use an average salvage value from a salvage auction or call local junk yards to get a salvage bid. It may pay to shop your salvaged vehicle yourself.


What Does “Salvage Title” Mean?

A salvage title is an official brand that is applied to cars that are severely damaged. It indicates that the insurance provider who covered the car has damaged car buyer it a total loss. In practice, this means that while it is technically possible to fix the car, the damages are so great that repairs will be nearly as expensive as the original price of the vehicle.

This does not necessarily mean that it isn’t worthwhile to fix and try to sell the car; the owner may well be able to recoup a large portion of the car’s value by doing so. It does mean, however, that insurance companies cannot continue covering it and expect to make a profit.

Rebuilt vs. Salvage Title: What’s The Difference?

Rebuilt and salvage vehicles are both cars that have been restored from catastrophic body damage, but there are some crucial differences between the two. The main difference is that whereas rebuilt vehicles have already been restored to working order, salvage cars still have some damaged car buyer that have not yet been addressed. The buyer of a salvage car will have to fully repair these damages before operating it on public roads. By contrast, the damaged car buyer of a rebuilt car can finance, insure, register, and drive a rebuilt car without making any further repairs. In some states, it is also illegal to sell salvage cars to private individuals, but this is not the case with rebuilt cars. Make sure to check your state’s laws before attempting to sell someone a salvage car.

How Much Value Do Salvage Cars Lose?

Although the specifics vary by case, a damaged car buyer usually must be worth around 75% of its original value for it to get a salvage title. If the damages are significantly less expensive than that, it may be profitable for insurance companies to try to fix it. Damages that are significantly greater, on the other hand, may render any type of repair impossible. Such severely compromised cars are issued “junk” titles and may only be sold for parts.

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