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Cash for Junk Cars:

Many junk car users have no idea on how to sell their old or junk vehicle and they often post questions like “how to sell my junk car using your contact form”. If you decide that the time has arrived for you to sell your junk or used car, there is a wide range of ways that our site can assist you in order to get some money easily.

Everybody sell their junk car either because they want to buy a more modern vehicle, or maybe a replacement car. It is also possible that the auto requires such a lot of repairs that it is not worthy to keep it. Despite the rationale for marketing your car, you ought to begin the transaction by consulting different specialized websites. This can give you a reasonable idea of the actual price of your car.

1. The basics of selling a junk vehicle

Is your junk car more than 5 years old? It will -in all probability- be better to sell it by yourself.

If you go to a dealer to sell your car, he will probably only offer you a fraction of its value, as he will be attending to sell it on themselves and get an additional cash. Contact

A vehicle this old can’t be eligible for a loan, either. If the car is not completely wrecked, you ought to set the selling price somewhat more than what you actually are expecting, and this should provide you some area to bargain with a potential buyer.

2. The different ways to get money for your car

To this day, it is really easy to get money for your junk vehicle, there are many options at your fingertips. It does not matter much in what state your auto is in, it is always possible to get some dollars for it. Now, to obtain the maximum possible amount, the ideal thing is to look for the best place to sell it. Let’s see below the different options available, so you can assess the one that best suits you to get the most money possible for your car or motorcycle.

2.1 Sell your junk vehicle “as is”

When you sell a junk vehicle “as is”, this means that the future buyer understands that it is a car that can not circulate normally. In this way, it is very important that you be 100% honest with the buyer, explaining all the details related to the problems that the car has and the life it has led. In this way, you will get the money that your car is really worth, that is, the maximum possible according to the conditions in which it is.

What we can recommend from here is that you set a price a little higher than what you are expecting to get and from here you negotiate with the buyer taking into account the precise conditions of the vehicle. In the end you will find yourself in an intermediate point that surely will be satisfactory for both parties. Remember: you should always be open to negotiate.

2.2 Sell your junk auto as scrap metal

Another possibility to get a good sum of money for your car, especially if it does not work at all, is to sell it as scrap metal. For this specific case, the value you will get depends entirely on the weight in metal that can be extracted from your vehicle. Something curious is that older cars are built in steel, which makes them more valuable than current cars, made of aluminum. If your vehicle has some sales value as scrap, it will not be difficult for you to get a salvage yard to come to your door to pick it up.

2.3 Deliver it to the dealer where you bought it

In addition to the methods described above, you also have the possibility to get some money by taking your car to the same dealer where you purchased it. This can be done if your vehicle is in good working condition, since they want it above all to sell it again. You can also change it for a new vehicle by providing the old car value as a discount. In any case, know that official dealers will not give you money for your car as scrap and that not all dealers are interested in buying the car they sold you years ago, so the best thing to do is to contact them in advance to confirm it.

2.4 Sell your vehicle to online scrap buyers

Another excellent method to get money for your unwanted car are the websites that buy junk cars. These sites usually provide the best prices and greatly simplify the collection of your car, plus they usually pay in cash. Another advantage of this system is that it only requires an internet connection to sell your car instantly.

The procedure to get money for your junk auto on one of these websites is always this:

  1. You will see a form where you will be asked for some information to make an approximate quote for your car.
  2. A few minutes later you will receive an offer with the valuation of your vehicle.
  3. Then you will have to make an appointment with the towing company that will come to pick up your vehicle.
  4. The purchasing manager will request the documents that show that it is a car of your property.
  5. If everything is in order, you will be paid in cash and instantly.

3. Determine the condition of your broken car

A fundamental preliminary step before selling your scrapping vehicle is to know in detail its condition, which is ultimately what will determine its sale price. In the case of wanting to sell your car by pieces, it will be essential to calculate its scrap value. Never forget that your intention is to sell a car you want to get rid of and your priority is to get the most money for it.

If you sell your car “as-is”, it is essential to estimate the internal and external damages and know how much it would cost to fix it in a mechanic. A good practice would be to know the value of your vehicle today (if it had no damage) and subtract this figure the amount it would cost to repair it. In this way you will get a very approximate figure of the real value of your vehicle and get a fairer price for it.

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