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Cash For Cars Vancouver Process

When you deal with a reputable used car dealers, selling a used car in Vancouver is a simple and straightforward process.

Step 1

Fill out our online quotation form  with a few pieces of information about your vehicle (year, mileage, accident history, etc.).

Step 2

Based on the information received, we provide you with a dollar range we can offer for your vehicle. This is done by email or over the phone.

Step 3

If you agree with the offer, we set up an appointment to appraise your vehicle and finalize the details.

Please bring the following items to the appointment in order to avoid delays with selling your car:

  • Canadian car ownership
  • Owner’s valid driver’s license
  • Any other books, manuals, and, if possible, service records (these can increase your car’s value)
  • All keys

Step 4

Once a price is agreed upon, everything will be taken care of by us, including the Bill of Sale,  plate removal.

What We Do